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Greetings!  Thank you to all who came and stayed with us this year.girl with bass

  The fishing was excellent this past summer!  We would like to congratulate our big fish winners.

Biggest Blue Gill - caught by Krista Wulber – 10 oz., 9” long

Perch – caught by Jake Bowman – 11 oz., 11 ½ “ long

  Crappie – caught by Chuck Howard – 1 lb., 12” long

Walleye – caught by Sam Woods – 2 lb 11 oz., 19 ½” long

Small Mouth Bass – caught by Gord Farewell – 5 lb 11 oz.

Large Mouth Bass – caught by Tyson Wengerd – 5 lb 2 oz., 20” long 15 ½ girth


Thank you to everyone who brings their fish to the store for a weigh in, it truly makes our day to see the excitement and happiness in our guests faces when they catch the big one!  


Fishing Derbies are held every Monday afternoon at 2 during the summer, for a lot of children this is their first introduction to fishing.  They have so much fun trying to catch the big one, it is not unusual to catch a nice bass or yucky cat fish off the dock as well as many sunfish, perch & bluegill.

Our big winner this year is Kayla Bowman who caught 131” of fish.  Way to go Kayla!   


Water skiing and especially the tube rides are always a hit, especially the hot dog.  We had a few survivors this year, so they walked off the dock with their heads held high & proud and were given their winning T-Shirt! J   So kids work on your hanging on skills and maybe next year you can win the T-shirt!

Turtle Races are always fun and this year was no exception.  It is not unusual to hear the cheering all the way up at the store. The kids always come up with some great names, this year we had “Dirt”, “Peter”, “Jerry”, “Squid”, “Luigi”, “Larry”, “Sparky”, “Fastie”, “Cheeseburger” and of course “Franklin”!  The turtles were released during the last race of the season and I’m sure are wintering well in the weeds.

Speaking of turtles, some of you were here to see the little baby snapping turtles hatch this year in late August.  The last couple of years we have had, what we believe to be the same turtle, laying her eggs in the volley ball court.  We found about 20 turtles all over the resort and helped them get to the lake, it was quite a spectacle, check out our facebook album –“protecting the snapping turtle” for pictures.

The Balloon Toss was fun as well this year.  Many try but so far no one has been able to beat the 51 foot mark!  This year’s winners are Joel Vlietstra & Calvin Halma who threw the balloon 46 feet clear!  Congratulations J

Now the weather is getting colder, the docks are on the shore and the cottages are all closed down.  The weather this fall has been much nicer than last so Fred & Mike were able to get quite a few roofs done, this is a hard job to fit into the schedule!   

Again, thank you to all of our guests for staying with us in 2013.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.  If you have made reservations the deposits are due January 15, if you haven’t yet we do look forward to hearing from you.  If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-352-2621 or info@alpineresort.ca  Check out our facebook 2013 album for pictures of all the winners.

May you all have a blessed holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2014. 

Fred & Anita, Mike & Jodi, Haley, Marcus, Alex and Devin

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” –Doug Larson


Our website should answer most of your questions. If there's anything else you need to know, contact us on facebook, by email or even pick up the phone. We try to post regularly on facebook with pictures of what's going on and links to things that may be of interest to our guests. Even if you're on of the very few not using facebook you can still go there and check out the pictures. There are recent photos of ALL of our cottages.

There are links below to albums of many photos taken on or around the resort. Check them out!

FMZ 17 fishing regulations


The government is not sending out reminders so check your card. If it expires in 2013 you may not fish legally until you replace it. Go here to renew

How to renew your fishing licence

When you get it, make sure the date is CORRECT as there have been some errors.




Please read our policies
Have you heard about our adventures with run away anchors?
Run away anchors

This Spring we did our eco friendly duty and helped relocate a snapping turtle nest. On August 17 we were rewarded with witnessing the hatching of more than 20 baby turtles which were promptly transported to the lake. View the photo essay here:

Saving the snapping turtles

A butterfly story (Monarch metamorphasis)

2012 fish, derby, turtle race, etc pictures

Pictures taken here, there and everywhere around Alpine Resort

Pictures of all the cottages, inside and out

A tour of Northumberland County

Sunsets, etc

2011 fishing derby, turtle race, balloon toss winners, etc

Autumn at Alpine

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It is against the law to move fire wood.
Throwing a few pieces of firewood into the trunk of the car before a camping trip might seem like a good way to plan ahead, but those logs could destroy a forest.

Firewood can carry small but harmful hitchhikers that are often hidden in the bark or wood. The damage caused by invasive species such as the emerald ash borer can expand exponentially when they get rides from families on vacation - even if it is only a few kilometres away. In fact, the emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees across Canada.

When forests are destroyed, everyone bears the consequences. Workers who depend on the lumber industry can lose their livelihoods. Animals and birds can lose their habitat. And our environment can lose the cleaning power forests provide for the air we all breathe.

The solution is easy: leave your firewood at home and pick some up locally instead. If everyone takes care of our forests we will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Fire wood fact sheet

FISHING LICENCE sales have been computerized. You can get your licence before arriving so you don't have to wait for us to do it for you before you go fishing. Makethe most of your vacation time and get your licence HERE. Rice Lake is part of FMZ 17. The regulations can be found here: fishing regs

Do you have something to say about the MNR? Have you been unfairly treated at a border crossing? Are you unhappy with the new fishing regulations? Say so here: Complain to the MNR


Alpine Resort offers day rentals of 10 hp boat and motors to those not staying here. Larger boats are for guests only. The boat launch is available to the public to use for a fee of $10 as well as a $10 fee to park for the day for a total of $20.

Fishing is starting out great! Pickerel have been plentiful and the bluegill have never been bigger. People are bringing in lots of 3 and 4 and even some 5 lb bass. Most folks don't keep anything over 3 lbs but they sure are fun to catch. We take photos of the big ones and enter them in the weekly contest.
This year we're giving away tee shirts instead of trophies for the weekly big fish winner, fishing derby and turtle race winners. As always, balloon toss winners get free ice cream....always a hit. :)


Guests are often commenting on the cleanliness of our cabins and the grounds. Alpine Resort is a family owned, small business. We take pride in our park and it shows. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint and be kind to the environment. We recycle everything possible and appreciate your help in this by separating your garbage. Northumberland County has a great recycling facility and we encourage all our guests to sort their trash. Food scraps are fed to the chickens of a local farmer. Nothing goes to waste around here!

Commonly used food items are sold in the store so you don't have to drive.

Catch and release is encouraged for the big fish and we all enjoy a fish fry with the smaller ones.

We didn't have any major projects this winter but concentrated on small maintenance issues in several cottages. Some got a new roof. A few got new floors. New furniture was purchased for a few cottages. Toilets and pipes replaced here and there and lots of other upgrades that can't be seen but will make your stay more pleasant. We're hearing lots of compliments from guests who appreciate the efforts we make to maintain Alpine Resort as YOUR vacation place!

What's the weather forecast .... ??(click here)

Northumberland county offers lots of things to do even when fishing isn't your thing. Do you like to cycle? Is hiking more your cup of tea? Does horse back riding apeal to you? Are you a golfer? Are you into geocaching? Check out this link to all the trails in the area. There are LOTS to choose from!

Out door adventures

Check out our links page for lots of other options including museums, theatre, tours, zoos, golfing, etc.

ALPINE RESORT is on FACEBOOK! If you had your photo taken with a fish, because you won a turtle race, balloon toss....whatever, find yourself and tag it. Become a fan and receive regular updates. Let us know how much you liked your stay at Alpine Resort and feel free to post your suggestions. Your feedback is appreciated! Link to facebook page

Why not join or start a discussion? Tell us your favourite ice cream flavours, fish recipes or even ideas on how to improve Alpine to enhance your cottage experience.


Don't use facebook? Many of our facebook fans comment on how much they love our photos. Even if you don't use facebook, you don't have to miss out! View the pictures through the following links. Check back often as we're always adding new ones. It gives us a good excuse to go out and photograph the beauty that surrounds us here in Northumberland County! Click on the links below to view the various albums:

Have you heard about our adventures with run away anchors? Run away anchors

This Spring we did our eco friendly duty and helped relocate a snapping turtle nest. Saving the snapping turtles

2012 fish, derby, turtle race, etc pictures

Pictures taken here, there and everywhere around Alpine Resort

Pictures of all the cottages, inside and out

A tour of Northumberland County

Sunsets, etc

2011 fishing derby, turtle race, balloon toss winners, etc

Autumn at Alpine


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We just got back last Thursday from Alpine and this is our second year in a row. The sunsets alone are worth a stay at Alpine.. I took some amazing photos last week of Alpines sunsets.. They have activities for the kids to keep them busy and a pool. Bingo for which my friend cleaned house last Wednesday :) ...... (Cathy, August 2011)
Just returned from a much enjoyed week for the 9th year in a row! Our group is now 58 strong! Thank you Jodi and Anita for keeping the kids filled with spicy fries and ice cream:) Thanks also to Fred and Mike for keeping our accomodations running smooth! Looking forward to next year! We're glad you put up with our intense volleyball games... (David, August 2011)
Love the cottage, the atmosphere and the people. Best place to be. The whole family enjoys our visits. (Tracey, July 2011)
Always love my visits to Alpine Resort. The fishing, the hand dipped ice cream cones, the great management team, and all the fun stuff there is to do. (Cheri, August 2009)

Pleasure Craft Operator Card .

Currently, a Pleasure Craft Operator Card is not required in order to operate a rented watercraft. Instead, it is sufficient for a renter to complete a rental safety checklist. Take note however that some companies have made it their corporate policy to require renters to have their Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Alpine resort does not require you to possess a card to rent our boats although we do encourage it.

Non-residents only need to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card if they are operating their powered boat in Canadian waters for more than 45 consecutive days or if the boat they are operating is registered or licensed in Canada (this includes rented boats). Boater Education Cards or equivalent certifications are recognized in Canada. Proper identification should be kept on board at all times to provide proof of residency.

For answers to questions on the pleasure craft operators card: Transport Canada website

For safety regulations go to Marine safety publications

hot doggers


The Department of State has  developed a Passport Card as a more portable and less expensive alternative to the traditional passport book. The passport card is a basic component of the PASS (People Access Security Service) system announced by Secretaries Rice and Chertoff in January 2006, and will meet the specific requirements of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) to secure and expedite travel.  WHTI is the Administration’s plan to implement a provision of the Intelligence Reform Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which requires citizens of the United States, Canada, and Bermuda to have a passport or other designated document that establishes the bearer’s identity and nationality to enter or re-enter the United States from Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, other documents such as registered traveler cards (NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST cards) will be acceptable under WHTI.

Click on this link for the website: US Government website on the passport card

How To Get a Passport in a Hurry

Kanetix Itinerary Planner

International Travel: Resource Library

We enter all of our big fish winners into the Rice Lake wide contest so check back soon to see if anyone from Alpine has won a big fish award!

Rice Lake was recently featured on Fish TV

Big Fish Winners 2011

Largest Walleye caught in the slot size
May 21 Chuck Howard 3 lb 1 oz 19”
Aug. 6 Joel Vlietstra 2 lb 9 oz
Aug 20 Paul Carroll 2 lb 4 oz
Large Mouth Bass
June 25 Shawn Metz 3 lb 18”
July 9 Chris Caco 2 lb 5 oz 16” long
July 16 Alex Wolfstein 3 lb 6 oz 19 ½ “
July 23 Trevor Jones 1 lb 7 oz
July 30 Andy Morgan 2 lb 12 oz 17”
Aug 6 Stephen Gibbs-Reilly 1 lb 11 oz
Aug 13 Andre Kuzin 1 lb 7 oz
June 4 Kevin Coffin 1 lb 1 oz 13 ¼”
June 28 Jake Bowman 1 lb 12 ½ “
June 30 Shawn Metz 14 oz
June 14 Gus Albrecht 6 oz
Rock Bass
June 21 Fred Miller 11 oz
May 22 John Ball 1 lb 2 oz
Small Mouth Bass
June 25 Mark Skolosh 3 lb 13 oz 19”
July 2 Michael Wilson
1 lb 10 ½ oz 14”
July 9 Ian Barnard 4 lb 6 oz 19”
July 23 Damian Jones 2 lb
July 30 Chris Ford 3 lb 4 oz 18”
Aug 6 Lyndsay Doktor 5 lb 13 oz 20 ½ “
Aug 13 Deb Dow 5 lb 20”
Aug 20 Havi Carroll 1 lb 7 oz
Fishing Derby Winners
June 27 Jake Bowman 128” of fish caught
July 4 Ariel DeJong 67”
July 11 Marcus Zebrowski 54”
July 18 Damian Jones 160”
July 25 Damian Jones 132”
Aug 1 Selena Ricci 113”
Aug 8 Alex Lautenbach 90”
Aug 15 Leib Malina 73”
Aug 22 Brodie Merritt 105”
Turtle Race Winners
June 30 Faith Bowman & “Sophie”
July 7 Camille Kinsella & “ox”
July 14 Ben Gillam & “Fudge”
July 21 Brennan & “vrachel”
July 28 Cody Hostler & “lightning”
Aug 4 Clarke Reddick & “Lucky”
Aug 11 Jessica Brouwer & “cat”
Aug 18 Julia Nadeau & “Frank”
Aug 25 Kaitlyn Carroll & “short stop”
Sept 1 Jackson Burton & “Franklin”

Balloon Toss Winners
July 1 Mark & Logan Skolosh 33 ft.
July 8 Ian & Linda Hostetler 33ft
July 15 Adam & Derek Wojtasik 30ft
July 22 James & Kyle Troyer 28ft
July 29 Steven Yungblut & Kyle Barry 39ft
Aug 5 Lucas Lundale & Blake Reddick 33ft
Aug 12 Grace Halma & Leah Holl 31ft
Aug 19 Marcus Turner & Trevor Wallace 37ft
Aug 26 Terrence Mills & Nathan McCoy 34ft

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks to everyone for participating, it makes our job so much more fun. We look forward to seeing you all next summer. From our family at Alpine to yours, Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy New Year!
Fred & Anita , Mike & Jodi and families

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