Please note the following changes to your Alpine Resort vacation experience due to this world wide pandemic.  

Minimum stay is now 3 nights.  These policies are in place until further notice.


  • To reduce the number of people ON the resort at ANY time, boats will be rented to cottage guests only.  No camping.  NO VISITORS!

  • We will do our best to stagger check in and check out times to reduce the chance of surface contagions.  During high season that's impossible.  Full week guests will be asked to leave Friday evening by 8 pm rather than Saturday morning.  This is to protect our cleaning staff.  Your cooperation with this is GREATLY appreciated.

  • Restaurant is closed.  Take out ice cream only.

  • Boat rentals available for guests staying in cottages only.   

  • Overloading of cottages will NOT be permitted..  4 people in a 2 bedroom. 6 people in a 3 bedroom. 7 people in a 4 bedroom.  All guests must be registered. NO VISITORS!!!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Social distancing required for all hosts and guests at all times.  2 people at a time in the store.

  • Hand sanitizer stations at the entrance

  • Check in by main guest only. 

  • No indoor recreational facilities nor some outdoor facilities that are either still prohibited or impossible to maintain social distancing or continual disinfecting

  • High season children's activities will not be available

  • Etransfers for payment please.  Cash or cheques can be accepted if necessary.

  • Two people at a time in the store.  Masks are required whenever exceptions.  We will serve you outside if you cannot wear a mask.

  • Laundry and Games Room are closed.

  • wifi is available outside the office building.


  • Personal supply of hand sanitizer or wipes

  • Your own face masks or other PPE (required in the store and any public building)

  • Blankets for all beds.  Beds are made with clean sheets and pillows will be provided (with cases) . Towels, cloths, cleaning supplies and all paper products as per usual

  • Personal life jackets if you have them

  • Your favourite board games! (Alpine will not be lending board games since they cannot be effectively sanitised)

  • Grocery staples 


  • The pool is open  Please maintain social distance.  The pool load limit is 13.  Please be considerate and allow others to use the pool if there is a crowd;.  

  • Games room is closed.

  • Laundry is closed.  

  • Public washrooms are closed.

  • Playground - social distancing applies.  Feel free to sanitize at your discretion. Please be kind, take turns and WASH YOUR HANDS frequently.

  • Scooped ice cream will be available for take out.  2 people in the store at a time please.  Masks required or we can serve you outside

  • Boats are available for cottage guests only