Greetings Everyone

Mike, Jodi, Fred and I would like to thank everyone that came and stayed with us this past season. In the spring we were very worried that we would not even be able to open and now that the season has come to a close, we are so very grateful to all who chose Alpine and we hope that you do again.

This past spring along with readying Alpine for your holidays, we were also able to enjoy the property a bit ourselves! It kind of opened our eyes and showed us what you all enjoy about Alpine! We got the go ahead to open mid June, so we then accepted some last minute reservations and jumped into high gear to get the park ready. At the end of June, we realized that our well was not working properly, there was a lot of sand being pumped along with the water. We put a call in to a few well drillers in our area, G. Hart and Sons were able to help us and we are so thankful that they bumped us up on the list, otherwise we might have had to close. Our guests were wonderful during the water crisis, we asked everyone to conserve water and they did! In early July we had a new well drilled and it kept up beautifully all through the dry hot summer.

July and August were especially busy this year, we lost a lot of our full week rentals mainly because of the US border not opening up. We really missed our American friends, hopefully we will see you all in 2021. We were able to fill these vacancies with mostly short stays, which made for a very busy, confusing summer! People were coming and going every day of the week, so Jodi and I were cleaning cottages every day! Because of this, we dropped the 2 nights stays, we simply could not keep up. Going forward, Alpine will have a 3 night minimum stay.

Due to Covid, we made some changes and some of them will remain in place.

  1. We no longer provide blankets and comforters for the beds. It is so much easier to provide a clean cottage for our guests when they provide their own blankets. Sheets and pillows will still be provided.

  2. We are leaving the weekly check out during high season at 8p.m. on the Friday evening. This gave us the extra time to be sure the cottages could be ready for the next guests and also gave us the added piece of mind that our cleaners would be safe. Covid is still a big concern and we really have no idea yet what the summer of 2021 will bring. Please speak to us directly if you have a problem with this.

  3. We did not do any childrens activities due to Covid and are not sure at this time if we will continue. This might be revisited on a week to week basis.

Our County is changing how they collect garbage and recycling this winter and it will definitely affect us next spring. Garbage is becoming more and more of a problem. There is far too little recycling and far too much garbage being generated at Alpine! Single use plastics are being banned in a lot of places. In light of this, we are asking all our guests to not bring any single use plastics. The cottage kitchens are well equipped with dishes, so it really is not necessary. If you must bring disposables make sure they are paper and burn them in your fire pit after use.

Please REDUCE what you bring with you, Please REUSE what you bring and Please RECYCLE!

BIG FISH WINNERS! Chris Barnard - Small Mouth Bass 6 lb. 7.5 oz., 17 1/2” girth, 20.5” long

Chris Barnard - Large Mouth Bass 4 lb. 9 oz.

Trevor Jones - Pike 5 lbs. 10 oz., 31”

Ian Barnard - Rock Bass 14 oz.

Pictures are shared on & Please follow us and share your pics as well.

Best wishes for health and happiness in 2021! We look forward to seeing you again.
Your Alpine Friends Anita & Fred, Jodi & Mike