Resort Policies  Please refer to covid-19 specific policies


The following RESORT POLICIES apply to all guests and are to ensure the enjoyment of everyone!!

Payments accepted are Credit Cards, Debit, or e-transfer.  Cash or cheque 


No visitors. Registered guests only!

  Social distancing is required. NO VISITORS! Registered guests only in order to keep number of people on the property to a minimum at all times and for covid reporting regulations.  

Check in time is 2 pm.  Early arrivals can NOT be accommodated during the summer (high season). For spring and fall please call first.   Check out is 9 am. 

Week long stays ONLY have an 8 pm CHECKOUT


VISITORS - All cottage / trailer visitors must register at the Office. The charge for visitors is $20 per day /per person regardless of age.  All guests must depart by 8 pm. $25 for overnight guests. ABSOLUTELY NO UNREGISTERED GUESTS ALLOWED DURING COVID

NO VISITORS allowed with weekend rentals! We all want peace and quiet. Rural water and septic systems are at risk when number of guests exceed cottage ratings. 

PARKING: 2 vehicles per cottage ONLY. Extra vehicles pay $20 per day for parking.

  • Patrons are responsible for the actions and safety of their children and guests including any damage to the cottage or boat rented. Units are HOUSEKEEPING cottages. This means you're expected to clean up your own mess. Vacuums are provided. Wipe everything before you leave.  Please strip beds and place used bedding in bathtub.

  • USE OF DUCT TAPE ON RESORT PROPERTY IS PROHIBITED. Do not alter the cottage or it's contents in any way. No nails in the walls or ceilings. Do not hang fly strips. The "goo" from those things is impossible to get off windows and walls!!!

  • Do NOT tamper with fridge or settings! Several fridges have been rendered unusable by guests messing wth dials.

  • Resort / Camp SPEED LIMIT is 7 m.p.h. or 10 km/h. WATCH FOR CHILDREN!!!!

  • NO mini bikes or motorcycles allowed at any time through the resort camp area.

  • Keep the Resort and cottage site clean. Use the garbage container supplied.

  • Put only toilet tissue in the toilets (anything else harms the septic system).  Flushable wipes are NOT flushable!!

  • Clean your fish in the fish houses.  Do NOT clean fish in your cottage / trailer site.

  • Use of air conditioners NOT allowed.

  • Use only the fireplaces that are supplied in designated areas.

  • No gas storage in or near your cottage.

  • Please bring your own towels,  paper products, soaps and cleaning products.  One roll of toilet paper is provided. 

  • Remove all trash upon departure. Cottages left unreasonably dirty will be billed $250 for cleaning.

  • Alcoholic beverages are ONLY allowed on your cottage or trailer site. This is the law in Ontario (Liquor License Act of Ontario)

  • Noisy parties and profane language will NOT be tolerated.  For the enjoyment of all concerned, ALL QUIET AFTER 11 p.m.

  • Please respect your neighbour's cottage / trailer site when moving about the grounds.

  • Tips for good service are always appreciated!!

FIREWOOD: Every night between 6:30 and 7:30 the truck will drive through the resort delivering firewood.  If you will be out notify the office before 6 pm and we will drop off at your cottage. NOTE that it's ILLEGAL to transport firewood in Ontario. We sell it for a reasonable price. Please DON'T bring firewood as we have some beautiful ash trees we'd like to keep! 


Failure to clean your cottage will result in an additional cleaning fee.  

Fees start at $150 

Two vehicles per cottage-all additional vehicles $20 per day

One pet per cottage-minimum $100

Additional pets starting at $150 per pet per cottage 

Failure to register your pet is immediate dismissal from the Resort. 

NO Aggressive or Nuisance animals.  

Any unleashed animal is grounds for immediate dismissal for the Resort



These policies are for your protection and enjoyment. Breaking them may be cause for eviction. The management of Alpine Resort is not responsible for missing articles or accidents